Anyone For Tennis?

While playing tennis a thought struck me about the similarities it has with good trading. My tennis instructor likes to say “it’s a game of mistakes.” It’s for this precise reason I’ve learnt that when matched against a casual player like myself, my first priority is never to take the risk of trying to hit a … Continued

Do You Like My Hat?

  Hi. Yes. Thanks for your interest. No problem, let me tell you all about it. It’s a proven methodology over many decades that in the long-run produces double-digit annual average returns without the drawdowns of buy and hold. Well yes it might sound very simple, that’s part of its appeal, and I know people … Continued

An Evening With Ed Seykota

Early in 2015 I travelled to Seattle and had the great honor of meeting Ed Seykota and watching him give a presentation to the Puget Sound chapter of the Market Technicians Association. Ed is without doubt one of the most renowned trend followers in market history, and came to prominence for many through arguably the … Continued